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New Puppy Advice

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

You found your new best friend, and we are so happy for you. Here are some tips to help you and your new dog be a successful pair.


The biggest question we get here a Red Dirt K9s Poodles & Doodles is about housebreaking. When it comes to potty training a dog, there are a variety of options. Below are the top 4 methods that we see and have been amazing choices for many years.

  1. Doggy Doors

  2. Puppy Pads

  3. Crate Training

  4. Jingle Bells: YES, your dog can ring a bell to inform you it’s time to GO!

Dogs are easily trained to do their “business” away from the places they eat, sleep, and play. Here at our farm, we start to teach the puppies how to use a doggy door as early as just 3 weeks old. We put litter boxes with pine shavings outside their house to promote them to “go outside.” So if this is going to be your method, we have helped prep your little furbaby for success.

If you live in an apartment you obviously can’t use a doggy door and puppy pads maybe your best option. Or we suggest to purchase a hot water heater pan and add horse bedding pellets in the pan to absorb any liquid and scent. Basically, you’re making your own litter box for a dog.

Comfort and sleep should go hand in hand. Your puppy needs a place to call his/her own and feels safe and secure whenever they are feeling tired, anxious, or just in need of a little alone time of their own. Crates are an option and some dogs love their crates, other dogs don’t like to feel confined especially if they were not introduced to crates at a young age.

Crate training, in the beginning, can help not only with potty training but a place to keep your dog safe when you are away or have visitors. Also purchase, a dog bed of some sort whether it is a pad, a blanket, or a high-dollar therapeutic mattress for dogs. Some people offer a few beds around the house for their pets, and that’s great too and a wonderful way to keep your dog off the furniture. (Unless you want them up there)

Your puppy needs toys or will make their own. Save yourself some money and don’t allow

Fido to eat your new favorite sneakers, ostrich boots, or expensive loafers. Instead, be sure to have doggie toys available. Chew toys are just fabulous and fun! They come in a variety of sizes, shapes, sounds, and textures. So be sure to offer your puppy a variety in the begging to know what they prefer.


We never use shocking collars here, we like using treats. Dogs are motivated by snacks and teaching your dog just simple etiquette or extravagant tricks can be done with inexpensive treats.


Stay tuned for our next blog…. AND BIG THINGS TO COME

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