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Dogs & Fireworks & Safety

Did you know that Jim is also in the firework business? The irony does escape him that dogs & fireworks are often not a good mix. However, Jim also loves America and knows as Americans we almost all have someone in our lives that has served or has given the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms. Jim says, "I am a huge ally for fireworks and I believe we need to celebrate our freedom and shoot fireworks to show our freedom while responsibly taking care of our dogs."

According to, more pets go missing on the 4th & 5th of July than on any other day of the year. For 2021, July 4th falls on a Sunday, so we at Red Dirt K9s Poodles and Doodles, expect the 3rd will add to these statistics too.

From the loud noises to the crowded BBQs, for some pups, it’s just a bit overwhelming. When they ‘flee’ from the chaos, they take a horrible chance of being hit by a car, lost, or hurt by another animal. Taking precautions is key. Below are some of our own tips for harboring a safe and calm environment over firework season for your dogs.

  • Give your dog all the comforts they love. Keeping all these things in a small space will help your dog feel surrounded by well-being. Anti-anxiety bedding and Thunder Jackets are one way to go, however, if your dog wants to hide under the bed or in a closet, let them! Don’t force them out of their comfort zone. Be sure to respect your dog’s fear.

  • Extra fresh water. Fear creates thirst in dogs and has an actual medical term called: Psychogenic Polydipsia.

  • Keep gates and fences closed. This is hard to do when you have guests who are not accustomed to shutting the gate or caring for a dog. Reiterate the importance to your guests when hosting this summer.

  • Distractions are a great way to beat the noise. New toys or a Kong with frozen treats is a good way to keep your dog distracted and busy. Find supplies here.

  • Microchip & Tag your pet.

  • Play white noise. This is just a barrier to the sounds that truly frighten our dogs. Drown out the sound with a noisemaker or music.

  • Keep the lights on in your home. This helps the lighting stay consistent and the larger overhead fireworks from changing the lighting across the room. This ofter resembles lighting or headlights that also can give some dogs anxiety or worry.

  • Get outdoor & playtime in before dark. Make sure your dog is well exercised and tired before the late-night firework show. However, keep even the best-trained dogs leashed for the random pops and booms of the day. Be sure to recheck the fit of their collars, to ensure they don’t ‘break free.’

  • Stay home. If your dog is one of the more anxious ones, they need their person. You are their most trusted and loved living being, so it just makes sense to give them all your comfort and love. Maybe watch a good movie with your dog. Have you seen the new Comming 2 America?

  • Don't shoot fireworks around your dogs. Find a place that is legal, safe, and away from your dogs. (Jim never shoots fireworks at the farm)

  • Talk to Your Veterinarian. If you already know how your dog responds with true panic, talk to your vet to see what medications may be taken to help ease your dog’s anxiety. Amazon offers a variety of over-the-counter options too.

Wishing you all (pups included) a beautiful and safe 4th of July and to our veteran families, we thank you all for you giving us the freedoms we love and celebrate.

To go visit Jim at one of his tents-

Firework Depot Locations

Moore- Indian Hills & Sooner Rd

Norman- Hwy 9 West of Riverwing at McDonald's

Blanchard- Next to Sonic

Purcell- Across from Walmart

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