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5 Reasons NOT to Buy a Dog for a Christmas Gift

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

We know that seeing your child smile when a puppy piles out of the #Christmas box is a delightful feeling. As a dog breeder, Christmas becomes a hecktic time;

we like to know that our dogs are receiving a forever home and not just a gift that gets stored away after the fun wears off.

There are many wonderful reasons to gift a puppy for Christmas, but in January and February our shelters are overwhelmed with 'puppy gifts' that "just didn't work out." A puppy's future and well-being are our top concerns! So we thought we would go over the top 5 reasons not to buy a dog as a Christmas gift.

1. Time

Traveling over the holidays is a grad, but if you are traveling this year, you should consider waiting to buy a new puppy. Your sweet ball of fur should not be bounced from house to house or locked up in a crate for hours on end after just arriving at its new home. (While on the subject, ask your breeder to take a towel and rub on the siblings and mom to give that puppy a 'safety blanket' of scents for if/when it is in a crate.)

2. Family

There are many factors to consider here. If your spouse is not on board, this is bound to be a mistake from day one. Your puppy needs to feel love and will pick up on negativity. These first few days are crucial for bonding. If you plan to have your children take care and learn responsibility through a new pet, you can not expect your kid to know and understand the new undertaking alone. A pet is a huge chore and can help teach some leadership, but you must stay involved as an adult to implement duties and roles as a new dog owner.

3. Work

We sell a lot of puppies to empty nesters and retirees, and we love that. Recently we have seen an influx of purchases for those who are working remotely. Most of these new puppy parents have been longing for a dog, but just never had the time due to work commitments. We admire a person who can recognize their professional needs over their own wants and desires. Sometimes a career and a commitment to a dog just don't add up.

4. Commodity

A puppy is a living thing. It gets hungry, can feel pain and loneliness. A new dog is not a commodity to make you look good on #instagram. When you buy a new puppy, get one for all the right reasons. Get a dog to love and share the love. Dogs truly can make the best companion. It is not an overnight experience, it takes a little work and some trial and error too.

5. Jumping the Gun

Never gift a dog without discussing it with the adult humans involved. It may win you the "uncle of the year" award but it is sure to get you on other lists you don't want to make! You need to do your research, don't just get a dog to get a dog. Avoid scams by finding a breeder who will Facetime you WITH the puppy and always trust your intuition. You should never be spontaneous when buying any animal.

Please be sure to weigh out all the pros and cons of purchasing a new puppy around the holidays to ensure your experience is as enchanting as the season.

Items to set your new puppy up for success at home:

We wish you all a PAW-fect Holiday & Christmas Season.

With Love,


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