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Who Is Red Dirt K9s

Are you looking for a dog breeder with a heart of gold? Look no further than this!!!

Jim Bates is the loved owner of Red Dirt K9s who spends his time helping people find their new best friend.

It was Jim’s love of animals that brought him into the dog business. If you look around the Red Dirt K9 Farm, you will find a variety of happy animals living their best life.

Jim and his family stared out raising and showing sheep, but the intelligence of a poodle brought him where he is today. He loves how smart they are and is proud to raise only the best pedigree, specializing in unique color patterns.

“We have had animals our whole life, over 50 years. We’ve been raising poodles for almost 10 years,” says Jim Bates the owner of Red Dirt K9s.

Outside of dogs, Jim is a family man. He loves his kids and wife. Together he and his wife live on a beautiful sustainable farm. Learn more about that here:

When your family is ready for a new four-legged family member, be sure to keep Red Dirt K9’s in mind.

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