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Standard Poodles For Sale

What Should I Expect from Standard Poodles?

When you're considering a dog to bring into your family, you will likely think about different breeds first. Standard poodles, with their distinctive show haircuts, often come right to mind. Their looks are definitely attention-getting, but how do you know this is the right breed for you? Read on to learn more about them and make your decision:

The "standard" in the name "standard poodles" refers to their size. There are two other AKC-recognized sizes: miniature and toy. The standard one is the largest, and must be 15 inches or taller at the shoulder once fully grown.

This breed's temperament is described as "active, proud, [and] very smart" by the AKC (American Kennel Club). These are not fragile or "sissy" dogs, despite older stereotypes. In fact, they were originally bred to be hunting dogs, and their distinctive haircut is a variation of the one hunters used to use to help keep their poodles from ending up full of burrs in the field.

Since they do have a working-dog background, one strong requirement of standard poodles for sale is plenty of exercise. They won't adapt to sitting around the house, either. Without enough exercise, they become destructive. Therefore, you should be prepared to take them on long daily walks if you don't have a fenced yard to let them run in.

The intelligence level draws many people to poodles for sale because of the increased chance of being able to teach the dogs tricks. While a poodle can learn almost anything, it is important to remember that other trait: "Proud." In plain English, this means that they'll want to think of themselves as the boss instead of you. You will need to train them to listen to you at all before you can teach them tricks. This is quite doable for the right person, but it requires patience and persistence. Once that factor is taken care of, you will be able to teach your poodle things that other dogs wouldn't be able to learn in a reasonable timespan.

Of course, when you look for standard poodles for sale, you should also pay attention to the basics. Be sure the dog you're considering appears alert and healthy, is being raised in a clean area, and is not subject to overcrowding. Reputable breeders of poodles for sale will have healthy pups and the proper environment, and will be willing to show these things to you. Be wary of anyone who makes it a huge hassle to see the dogs prior to sale, or doesn't allow it at all.

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