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Are You Looking for a Large, Cute Dog? Check Out Sheepadoodles!

As the name implies, a sheepadoodle is a cross between a sheepdog and a poodle. Like other doodles, they have the cuteness that is brought by the poodle side of their lineage. However, they differ from several of the other doodle possibilities by being calm rather than energetic. This makes them surprisingly good for apartments since they don't have a huge drive to run around. That said, they do best when they aren't left alone for long periods. Instead, they're great family dogs who enjoy having plenty of people around them.

Large sheepadoodle puppies have standard poodles for fathers, which allows the full size possibility of the poodle breed to come through. Therefore, it's easy to find pictures of sheepadoodles lounging on couches and taking up 2/3 or more of the space. Many people love the giant size combined with the adorable overall look, in part because it's rare to see both of these attributes together.

Temperament-wise, sheepadoodle puppies are very friendly to humans, and like it when there are plenty in close proximity. Even so, they are quite relaxed, so they don't have to go out all the time to burn off energy. They're also very intelligent, which is great for training. Those who want to teach their pet plenty of tricks will therefore be quite happy with sheepadoodle puppies.

Unlike their hyper-intelligent poodle parents, sheepadoodle puppies for sale are also easy to train. This is because they're highly obedient – a trait that comes from the sheepdog side. With the combination of intelligence and obedience, advanced training is not only possible, but far easier than it would be with a stubborn dog.

Even though sheepadoodle puppies for sale shed little or even no hair, they do need to be brushed well two or three times a week. This is required to release the hair that isn't being naturally eliminated through shedding. Regular trimming, at intervals of about two or three months, is required to keep the coat manageable as well. Without this care, mats can easily develop. Longer hair is also far more prone to picking up burrs or other material that can work its way down and hurt the dog's skin.

When you stop by to see our sheepadoodle puppies, be sure to ask for our recommendation for a groomer. This way, you'll be able to start off with someone who can trim your new dog's hair instead of having to search later. We'll also be glad to answer any other questions you have about this breed, our sheepadoodle puppies for sale, or dog care in general.

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