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Parti Doodles For Sale

Parti Doodle Puppies: Dogs with Patches of Extra Fun!

Goldendoodles are always cute, but when they come with parti coats, the effect is even more pronounced. A parti coat is one with a main background color that is broken up by patches of one or more other colors, and this creates far more visual interest than a coat with just one color. Therefore, many people look specifically for parti doodle puppies when it's time to get another dog.

Other than the coat colors, there is no difference between parti doodles for sale and regular ones. This means that there is no need to worry about extra health problems, unlike with some colorations or combos found in other breeds or species. Their temperaments are also not affected by their coat colors.

While most people who are looking for doodles for sale aren't going to get out their calculators when presented with parti doodle puppies, there is one group that does: the Goldendoodle Association of North America. This breed-specific organization sets the official definition of "parti," as it pertains to doodles, as being "at least 50% white, with solid patches of any other color." However, this definition is like many that are put forth by professional organizations: it is of far more interest to those in the business than it is to laymen or people seeking pets.

The Association also mentions what is, essentially, the reverse-parti pattern. With this pattern, the coat has a background color while the patches are white. There are several names for this, ranging from the neutral "abstract" to the distinctly negative "mismarked." Anyone who could see any doodle puppies and call them "mismarked" needs to have more joy in their lives! Of course, reverse-parti colors are just as adorably cute as the white-background type, and many breeders intentionally attempt to get this look.

That said, there are other coat variations that people explicitly look for. One of these is merle, which combines different colors more evenly across the puppy's body. The Goldendoodle Association also explicitly mentions brindle and phantom as possibilities.

Finding parti doodles for sale starts with locating a good breeder of doodles in general. Such a breeder has the parents "on staff" who are able to produce the parti variations when they have puppies. Since there is no way to guarantee exactly which colors will be present in any given litter, the next thing to do is hope they already have some ready to go. If all of the current litter's partis have already gone to homes, you can put your name on a waiting list for the next parti doodles for sale.

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