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Irish Doodle Puppies For Sale

Irish Setters and Poodles Equals Irish Doodle Puppies

One of the most striking things you may learn about Irish doodles is how many names they go by! Unlike most doodles for sale, these have plenty of alternate terms to describe them. Some of them are Irish doodle setter and Irish poo setter. It is, however, unlikely that you'll hear of many newer breeds being referred to as any sort of "poo" by their sellers. That word has gained connotations over the last several decades that didn't used to be as prominent, hence the invention of the "doodle" term for the newer poodle crossbreeds.

Names aside, there are several traits that are commonly found in Irish doodles for sale, and these are what draw their fans. They are energetic, smart, and family-friendly. Even better, they rarely bark. However, it is important to note that the lack of annoying barking does not make them "apartment dogs." Any dog described as energetic needs plenty of exercise, whether it is done in a large yard or by going on long walks with his human(s). Energetic dogs that are kept cooped up soon resort to destructive behaviors like chewing the furniture or pulling down the curtains in order to burn off their energy.

Most Irish doodle puppies are of the standard size thanks to the poodle being standard. However, it is also possible to breed mini Irish doodles by having a miniature poodle be the father. The temperament is unaffected by the size, though smaller dogs are generally easier for children and the elderly to handle.

Unlike purebred dogs, intentional hybrids still are not recognized by the American Kennel Club. That has done little to nothing to interfere with the popularity of doodles for sale, and breeders have created doodles of seemingly infinite variations. This particular cross began to be recorded in the 1980s.

Even so, it's not hard to ensure that you are getting a good, healthy specimen when you look at Irish doodles for sale. Ask to see the health certificate from both parents as well as that of the puppy. If possible, meet the puppy in person before buying, as well. Then, you can not only observe whether or not the dog looks healthy, but see its temperament firsthand.

In many cases, you may have to reserve a puppy in advance without having a chance to meet him. This is especially true if you are in a remote location compared to the kennel and have one of its Irish doodle puppies shipped to you. Then, be sure to see the certificates and get a warranty.

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