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Doodle Puppies For Sale

Springerdoodles: Some of the Many Types of Doodle Puppies for Sale

The poodle has been recognized as a great sire breed for hybridizing with many other purebred varieties. Therefore, you can now find all sorts of "apoo" and "doodle" variations. Springerdoodles are some of the latest to gain attention, and they bring many benefits from both of their originating breeds. In their case, those breeds are English springer spaniels and poodles.

Unlike some types of doodles, which are bred to be laid back, breeders of springerdoodle puppies aim to retain the active nature of the poodle while acquiring the friendliness and loyalty of springer spaniels. In most cases, this works well, with the springerdoodle being a great dog for families who love to be active themselves. Of course, as with all dogs, not all of them inherit all of the possible traits.

To ensure you get a springerdoodle with the desired temperament, it's a good idea to meet springerdoodle puppies for sale before committing to buying a particular one. This, however, is not always possible. At most reputable kennels, only a few puppies are produced every year and competition to get any of them is fierce. Because of this, you should be ready and willing to accept and love your new dog even if he or she turns out not to have all of the traits you have on your list.

You can get some idea of what to expect by asking about the parents of doodle puppies for sale. Often, traits will be directly inherited, so as long as the parents have none that you really don't want, you should be set in terms of the puppies' acceptability. Also, remember that not all traits are yet evident in doodle puppies for sale. Some won't appear until adulthood.

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